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Online Asynchronous Courses

On your own time

Learn anytime, anyplace, as long as you meet your instructor's deadlines.You are able to complete courses on your own time, no matter where you are. The course will include specific opportunities to engage with your instructor. There also may be times when you will interact with classmates through discussion boards and other online platforms.

Online asynchronous courses are not “correspondence courses.” Correspondence courses are typically self-paced, have little to no student-student interaction and have limited interactions between the student and instructor. An online asynchronous course is not self-paced. Even though the course doesn’t meet at a designated time, students are expected to participate, remain engaged and meet deadlines outlined in the syllabus.

Asynchronous learning can be completed through online courses, email, blogs, pre-recorded videos, webinars or online discussion boards. Students often are asked to complete blocks of assigned materials by established due dates. Because there are regular assignment deadlines, students should login to the online course daily to keep up.

With most online synchronous courses, students are not required to be on campus at any time.

Why It Works

Each course objective is carefully considered and designed for the online asynchronous environment.

The instructor designs the course to include significant interaction with and among the students, even though it does not happen in real time.

Students are able to map out their own timelines for learning and meeting course deadlines.

Students can use audio-visual communication tools to engage with others.

Because there are no set meeting times, the course offers both the students and instructor flexibility.

Students have an opportunity to review course materials multiple times and can take their time in reflecting and responding to discussion prompts and other assignments.

Female WVU student working on her laptop from home.

Find It on the Schedule

On the WVU course schedule, an online-asynchronous course will show:

  • No meeting days or times (or TBA)
  • The campus or building location is “Online”

Online Asynchronous Course

This is an Online-Asynchronous Course

Online Asynchronous Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder for an Online-Asynchronous Course