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Same time, same place.

You are learning face-to-face. You’ll go to class at a designated time on designated days of the week. But while you are on a traditional class schedule, you may be expected to log in to a variety of online platforms to supplement your on-campus learning.

An in-person course is the traditional college campus experience. Most instruction is in a face-to-face classroom, and participation and physical attendance are expected.

Even the most traditional in-person courses on campus usually have some online elements. At WVU, instructors use a variety of online platforms to deliver course content, collect assignments, engage in discussions and share resources. Some platforms include email, eCampus, SOLE and Blackboard.

Why It Works

Both students and instructors are familiar with the format.

Face-to-face class meetings offer strong, live student engagement opportunities.

Students receive immediate feedback.

Instructors can use a wide variety of teaching-strategy options.

There is no additional preparation needed to provide the course materials in multiple formats.

Students are very familiar with attendance and participation expectations.

Professor standing in front of classroom.

Find It on the Schedule

At this point in time, traditional In-Person courses, Hybrid and HyFlex courses look the same on the WVU course schedule.

Because these three formats provide some in-person, on-campus participation, they will show:

  • Meeting days and times
  • A building location with an assigned room

You can ask the program director or department chair about the specific course delivery format.

In-Person Course Screen

This is an In-Person Course

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Schedule Builder for an In-Person Course